Hey, little one.

Hey, little one.
Yesterday, I let you down once more and I’m sorry for that.

I know that you’re angry and that I promised to treat you more kindly, to hold you more carefully and to listen to your needs more frequently…but alas I failed once again and, ultimately, I always let you suffer the worst blow.
We’ve been through so much together: climbed too high walls, gave ourselves so many times, trusted too often, cried too much, sang too loud and fought too fiercely with one another.
I’ve seen you grow and I’ve watched you bring so many good people into my life.

The truth is this is not the first time I’ve wronged you.
We’ve been here before and every time we’ve come out of it stronger.
But how much strong can we get before we run out of energy? Out of hope?
I’m exhausted right now and you’ve always been a bit weaker than I.

I know you’re not so little anymore and that you crave your space and your freedom.
And I, honestly, want to grant you that wish.

After all, you’re the sole reason I’m still here, alive and breathing.
This time, I was too stupid, too hasty, when I should have listened to your slow step…when I should have walked a bit slower, mindful of your pace, of your time.

I’m sorry for not trusting you.

I’m sorry for letting you tumble.

I’m sorry for scraping your knees and your hands in the hard pavement again and again.

I promise I’ll get better one day.
And I know you’re immense and will forgive me in no time.
Until then I’ll kiss your bruises and place those plasters gently upon your wounds.

And when, finally, they get all healed up, it will be Spring again, dear Heart.


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