Rainy Days

One day, you’ll wake up and she’ll be gone.
There will be no note, letter or text left explaining why or where she is headed to.
She won’t leave anything behind besides that empty space in your bed or her scent in your sheets.
At first you won’t care – you never do – thinking she will eventually return. But hours turn into days…days turn into weeks…and weeks into months. And when the thought that she actually left you for good, this time, settles in your mind and, most importantly, in your heart (that place that should have woken up the moment she took a step out of your goddamn apartment), you notice it’s been quite some time (years even) since you saw her face, the twinkle in her eye, the smile that rendered you speechless the first time you met.
You, finally,  catch on the fact that you miss her.
Right after the conclusion dawns, you understand the reason why she left. And with that discovery comes the realization of what could have made her stay – your love.
But it’s too late now and she’s just one of those missed chances that don’t usually come back.

The next time you see her, it will be in a random coffee shop or train station. Maybe even just passing by her on the other side of the street.
She will linger her eyes on you, a bit surprised at first, and the figment of a smile will play in the corners of her lips; her hand will rise painstakingly slow, as to carefully wave.
But, before you have time to respond, she’ll be gone once more, without a trace.
On that day, the rain will fall again.


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