I like you, so what?

Do you think about it?

Have you ever wondered “what if I stay a little longer”? “What if I hold back a little less”?

I have. I do.

I’ve been slowly falling for your kind eyes, your sweet smile and the way you always cradle my hands when I’m feeling cold. There’s something about you that’s totally new and very familiar at the same time. Like a new book from your favorite writer or a new song from your favorite artist. I find myself in you, sometimes, and that makes me so comfortably excited!

Please don’t ask me when it all started. I wouldn’t know what to answer.

Maybe it was on that day we held each other so tightly, I thought my heart would explode (even though we eventually let go, never to talk about it again)…or that time I wanted to stay a little longer, but was afraid I might be overstepping your boundaries…because, we have to admit, they exist. We so often hide from everyone, that we end up hiding from each other as well.

The fact is I still don’t know if you like me or not.

And, hopefully, you’re wondering the same about me.

You always were a man of few words and I have always been great at beating around the bush.

But, today, I was struck with an immeasurable need of saying it, so here it goes: I like you…very much indeed.

I just hope you don’t run away, feign ignorance or decide what we have right now is enough…
And if you do, it will only mean we were never meant for each other from the start.
You weren’t the one. I wasn’t the one.

But if you do feel the same, tell me. Because I want to love you (hopefully, one day) with no fears, no doubts or misunderstandings.

Will you let me?


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