Day 2

I often wonder…can I?

Am I allowed to fall in love with you?

There’s something so fragile and so right about what we are when we’re together…so often do I restrain myself on telling you how warm and cheerful your words sound to me, afraid something might shake us…I’ve been there so many times…and each one had failure sitting on the front row.

I am not the young soul I was all those years ago, when love first started blooming in my chest. I sincerely need to believe love is supposed to happen to me. And I so want you to be the reason I do…
Maybe I’m reading too much into your hands and your arms and your smiles. Or simply being impatient. I was never good at understanding when the time was right. At least not when it comes to love.

It’s so easy to fall in love with you, even though you might not believe it. And I’m just human, you know…

I’m sorry if this sounds ridiculous in your ears, if it offends you in any way or if I misunderstood something in the middle.

I promise I’ll keep my soul hidden, my feelings in check, until the day I’m absolutely sure of your heart.

But, if for some vague chance, you share these hopeless thoughts with me, search my eyes. And my constant admiration and, I dare say, love will be there for all to see, you most clearly.


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