Because she didn’t ask

She, honestly, didn’t ask for too much:

She didn’t ask for flowers in her desk or letters in the mail;

No request for texts every hour of everyday or long conversations on the phone;

She, certainly, didn’t ask for expensive jewellery or luxurious clothes;

She had no longing for five star gourmet dinners or sailing trips on a yacht.

And because she didn’t ask for all of that, she couldn’t quite fathom why fate had punished her so severely, by giving her nothing at all…not even the only thing she had ever asked of it.

Until the day she discovered that the one thing she had been wishing, and praying, and longing for, all her life – love – was ever the most difficult to offer.


2 thoughts on “Because she didn’t ask

  1. you have to find Love within before you can share it with someone else.
    besides that, it is beautiful poetry 🙂

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