Christmas wish


I hope you’re happy now.
I hope your heart is beating calmly and steady.
I hope the sadness you feel in those little moments when you’re alone has somehow subsided.
I hope you will see life the way it’s meant to be seen: colourfully and with an infinite number of possibilities.
I hope you finally get to visit all those places you keep dreaming about and may they fill your mind and soul with such wonderfulness, that you’ll find yourself begging not to come back.

I wish you success, because talented hard work should be rewarded.
I wish you joy and health for the years to come and a little bit of patience (when things keep going the wrong way).
I wish you strength to fight for what you want and believe in.
I wish you kindness. The same kind you treat each one of your friends and family with. Let it be the one thing that makes people remember you by.
And last, and above everything else, I wish you love. The kind that warms your heart at night and paints your dreams a different colour. The kind that makes you want to be better each day and keeps you moving forward when you just want to collapse. May it be sweet and tender and wild and free! But most of all, a love that feels right and makes your existence a tiny bit brighter.

Merry Christmas.


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