Orange juice and cake

Their bodies were still wet from the sparkling blue water that had embraced them not long ago. Little by little, the sun warmed their skin and left them feeling comfortably drowsy. Resting now, in a bundle of soft and colourful towels, they faced the bright rays of sunshine. Side by side, they kept their eyes closed and smiles open, while the birds kept singing sweet summer melodies into their hearts.

Trying not to disturb the peaceful silence they so recently achieved, she turned around, back to the blinding light, and stared at her friend.

Afraid to disrupt their good time till this moment, she kept silent at first. But she couldn’t help but wonder if everything was as right as she made it believe to be… Sure she had been smiling all afternoon, but how many times had she deceived her with fleeting smiles that never reached her eyes or empty promises that everything would be alright? Too many. And so she couldn’t help but ask her if she was ok.

The moment the words left her lips, she could see her visibly tense at her question. But before she could tell her to honestly speak the truth, she surprised her by saying she didn’t know. There was no forced smile or empty words of reassurance…just a simple lack of certainty.

In that moment, she thought she had never been so cruelly truthful about her own feelings. And for that she found her even more beautiful. She couldn’t understand how she kept on ending up alone and so she told her how she had always admired her strength, her beauty, her talent, her kindness, her pureness of heart, her calmness and perseverance.

She finally turned her head in her direction and sincerely smiled for the first time that day.

She could read in her eyes how touching it had been that she thought so much of her when she thought herself so little. And so with a gentle pat on her head she whispered a hopeful “Thank you.”.

After a sunny afternoon, some sweet cake and a fresh orange juice, remained a promise that someday things would be different. And when that day arrived, their friendship would have stayed the same.


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