In her eyes


She never mentioned it.
She gathered I would speak when I so wished to. When I felt ready.
And I eventually did.
After a few months of silence, in a beautiful and sunny afternoon, in a coffee shop, I told her everything.
What I had been thinking, how I felt, what I wanted, what I did, what I wished I had said…how I gradually slept less, how I didn’t cry (as I so often did, when tricked by love) and how I, inevitably, was still hurting.
I still didn’t cry, but in the midst of all my sadness and uncertainty, I smiled at her.
And the only answer I got from her, were tears. She was crying for my sake. For the simple reason that I couldn’t allow myself to do it.
And that was exactly what I needed. Because, in that moment, I understood I had a friend for life and I finally cried for the first time.


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