They had been talking for hours.
Two friendly souls, two sisters, two constant smiles.
Time had not stopped while they were away and they had a lot to talk about and listen to.
While they looked at the night sky, the cold wind was blowing ever so gently on their hair.
With cold hands and red noses, they laughed about old times and new beginnings.

When there was nothing left to say, they listened and enjoyed each other’s silence like they used to, admiring the night sky.

A sigh. That was all she needed to understand that something was wrong.

“I thought this would be easier, you know?”

“Don’t give up. You’ve got to keep reaching for those stars, my friend.”

“I know…and I’m trying to, but…what if the sky never clears and my arms get too tired of reaching up? When do I reach the point of enough is enough?”

She was looking at her with a sparkle in her eye, begging for an answer.
She knew what would happen next.
After all, they were two sides of the same coin.
And so she opened her arms and waited for her fall.
And when the sparkle finally turned into a quiet river of tears and she fell against her chest, she could only wrap her arms around her and whisper back:

“I don’t know, honey…I don’t know.”


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