Train rides and theatre


That’s why I love train rides.

There’s something about the quiet and calmness of the scenery passing the window that always brings a sense of tranquility to my mind.

Today I remembered a particular one I did some years ago, when I was still in university.
There I was, siting beside the window as usual, with a book opened in my lap, when an old lady who was passing by asked me:

“Is this seat taken?”

“No, it isn’t.” I answered with a small smile.

She returned the gesture and said “Thank you.”
I smiled once again and finally returned to my book.
For the next twenty minutes the old lady kept sneaking glances at my book and when I finally looked at her again and smiled once again she asked:

“That book looks difficult. So many complicated words… What is it, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Not at all! It’s a play – a Greek tragedy.”

“Oh..So it is an old book.”

“Yes, it is.”

“You must be very smart to understand all that.”

“Thank you. I try and I really like theatre so.”

“That’s good! Are you an actress?”

“I’m still studying, but I hope to become one someday.”

“It must be a very hard life!” she said with a concerned face.

“It is. But when you love what you do, everything becomes easier eventually. You just have to keep trying!”

“You’re right! And it’s good you’re doing something you clearly love so much. We need young people like you around.”

“Thank you.” I said once again.

“Well, I won’t keep you from your reading anymore. Go ahead!”

I smiled and turned to my book only to realize I had arrived at my stop.
After gathering my things I looked one more time at the old lady and offered her one last smile.
She smiled back and just before I left my seat she said:

“I hope you’ll be very lucky and successful, young lady. And thank you for your time and your smile. It was very nice of you. Maybe the next time we see each other you’ll be in one of those huge stages, in front of a big audience. I’ll pray for that.”

I was so taken aback I could only smile and whisper “Thank you very much.”
I left the train and waved the old lady goodbye, one last time.
I never saw her again, but I take her words with me every day, and they give me strength to keep moving forward.

So yes, I love train rides and theatre.


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