Catching stars and blinding lights


She was used to the darkness of her room. To lie down, alone, in her bed and dream of a world filled with light.

Like a little girl, she liked to count the stars that glowed in her ceiling and try reaching them with her hand and a smile on her face.
That night, she thought the stars seemed to be fading…and when the moonlight kissed her hand, she thought her skin awfully pale and her hand dropped quickly to her side again.

Suddenly, there was a knock at her door. Slowly, she got up and even more slowly she walked towards it. Not one of many words, she opened the door very carefully.

The light that entered her room was so bright it blinded her instantly. Surprised, she immediately closed the door. Whatever was outside had stayed in the same place, unmoving, waiting for her to open the door once again. Afraid, she curled up in her bed and only opened her eyes again when the night was over and the blinding light was gone.

The following nights, while she watched her stars, the same knock kept disturbing her again and again. She could see the light slipping under the door already. Today, she would find courage in her heart to open it and find out what or who was on the other side. But how could she if the light would instantly blind her? Urgently, she searched for something to cover her eyes …The only thing her eyes had laid upon was a book, and fearing the light would disappear again if she didn’t hurry, she grabbed it, opened it in front of her face and turned the doorknob.

Looking down, the first thing she saw were a pair of shoes…boy shoes.

Losing her resolve, she started dragging her feet back, when the boy (she assumed) spoke:

“Please, don’t go. I just want to talk. You can even close the door.”

There was such sadness, such grief in his little request that she didn’t find the strength to refuse him and keep backing away. After a long minute of silence, they slowly sat on the floor and they talked – she of her so fond darkness and he of his splendorous light. And when he asked her why she was facing him with a book, she could only say he was too bright for her own good. He apologized and they laughed about it together.

That night before she fell asleep, she climbed up her bed and touched one of her precious stars. Surprisingly, she found her stars weren’t fading as she thought…they were just dusty. And after cleaning them all and lying again in her bed, she thought her sky had never been so bright and so beautiful before.

As the nights went by, they kept meeting and talking…his voice became warmer, happier and she didn’t seem to mind the brightness so much. There was even a little lamp on her bedside table now!

Even so, the girl still hadn’t seen the boy’s face or left the comfort of her bedroom. But that day was about to change her, for good…Today she decided she didn’t need the book anymore. She would see the sweet and kind boy who had been giving her a little bit of light each night and she would thank him.

Sitting in her bed, looking at her stars, she waited…and waited…and waited. The butterflies in her belly wouldn’t stop moving around and when the knock finally came, she ran for the door, grabbed the doorknob, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, before opening it as slowly as possible.


The boy said, surprise evident in his rough and gentle voice.

She opened her eyes even more slowly and when she was finally done, the first thing she saw was his face. A face as beautiful as her stars, with a light so bright it warmed her heart. The butterflies went crazy!

They stood like that: silent, unmoving, unblinking, looking in each other’s eyes…studying, contemplating, memorizing each little trace and feature into their memories and hearts. Until she stuttered a quiet “Hi.” too.

A smile appeared in the boy’s face.

She smiled in return.

A low chuckle left the boy’s throat and she answered with a soft one.

“Would you like to take a walk? The stars are beautiful tonight.”

The boy asked as he offered her his hand. She looked at him and at her now less dark room. Her little stars so colorful and bright smiled at her and she figured this was the time to try to catch a real one, outside. And with a light so strong guiding her way and taking her by the hand how could she get lost? She waved her little stars goodbye and placed her delicate hand in his. Strangely, her skin didn’t look so pale anymore, she noticed. With a smile, she closed her door one last time and looked the gentle boy in the eye.

“Yes, I’d like that very much.”


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